Crusade LP

by Incendiary




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released May 8, 2009



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Incendiary New York, New York


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Track Name: Dissension
Motivation through intimidation, you get what you want through exploitation
Of the thoughts and minds of those who try to lead a normal life
Full of honesty, free of shallow pleas of "I say these things with sincerity"
But you don't mean that, because you don't mean shit
I know the difference between conscious minds and dollar signs
Between thoughtful words and boldface lies
And now I see
The words you say had a hold on me
But I broke free from what used to be
The teeth of the vice and the fear of what's right
That didn't fucking let go of me
And now I see
The truth
Just because you say it doesn't make it fucking right
Just because your stronger doesn't mean that I won't fight
Just because your stronger doesn't mean that I won't fight
Track Name: Crusade
Your church and your state are one in the same
Hoping for a pulpit in the presidents wing
We are not in the Christian nation and we are not your sheep
Who fall to their knees each night before sleep
An empire of liars and thieves
A campaign of hate and greed
And aren’t you the ones who call for peace on earth?
With an olive branch in one hand and a gun in the other
But your weapons are held in vein
Now the blood is on your hands
They keep the blinds around our eyes
Sending men to give their lives
For a new crusade.
A holy war of hate
A new trail of tears
A reign of terror
And a climate of fear
Track Name: Sacramentum
Execute them all
Each one has broke our trust
And each one remains unjust
Cause we've been getting fucked by the words of a chosen few
And when you face the fucking firing squad, their locked out on you
Now is the time to pay us what is due
We have been broken into pieces, and buried alive by time
Forced into chains of suffering and loosing what once was ours
And now the empire tries to expand
But beware the fucking flaws of man
We're crushing them all
Smash the relics of the old regime
And burning down Their history
And we hear their leaders scream
Conform, relate, procreate, spread the hate
Conform, relate, procreate, spread the hate
But we'll lay their fucking buildings to waste
Track Name: Anesthesia
Everything I had I fucking lost
And I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying to fine a way
To make sense of this because
Every arrow shot misses the mark
Every word of mine fell on deaf ears
Each day is a struggle, each day a new sin
And standing here from where I'm at
I've had a lot of them
But sink or swim I know I've tried
i know I've got the key to find out whats inside
So medicate me from the inside out
To erase all the pain and erase all the doubt
Leave me numb, too numb to fucking feel
The constant attacks
The words that rip my throat
And the wounds carved into my back
It's a constant fight
It's a constant fight
To not bow down, to do whats right
Medicate me and numb the pain
Track Name: Fuck Your Beliefs
Forced rapture, soul stealing, they try to keep our fucking hearts from beating
Calling on our weak minded screaming
"Tremble before him or un-American!"
Ignorant in their bliss and questioning nothing else
Fix our debt through a genuflect and appease our loss
With the sign of the cross
And now its building as the blood boils
And the workers toil at their breaking points
And when the tension mounts too great to talk it out
Rise up! take arms!
They'll scream and they'll shout
The hypocrisy of your institutions will not be ignored
You feed off their flesh and you drink their blood
For the maintenance of a status quo
which stands as fragile as
The lies it was built upon
We chose the path of redemption and light
You chose the path into darkness and spite
Rebuild the wall
Rebuild the wall
We chose the path of redemption and light
You chose the path into darkness and spite
Rebuild the wall
Rebuild the wall
Fuck your beliefs they mean nothing to me
I'll crush your false hopes and the scum that I see
The empire falls
The empire falls
Fuck your beliefs they mean nothing to me
I'll crush your false hopes and the scum that I see
The cross and the crown are still combined as one
A means of control to enslave the minds of some
And when the last city has burned to the ground
We'll hold our heads high knowing we've never broke down
Track Name: Antichrist
You're a two-faced liar
A demon in a three piece suit
Your life's a fucking charade
Preaching an agenda of ignorance and hate
You're the real enemy of the state
Your ignorance and your lies
Spreads like a cancer infecting our youth
You pray on the poor, the misinformed
With an agenda of hate and bigotry
Not anymore
And now motherfucker, the world is at a better place
As you lay six feet under rotting away in your own filth
The time is now
The true antichrist has finally fallen
Track Name: Perdition
Bodies buried in the sand
Forces growing, with wild eyes marching
No excuse, just look at what they've done
We fought for whats right 'til the bitter end
The time is now, let the judgment begin
We see the fear and we hear the screams
Watch the people falling down to their knees
Begging to be put out of their misery
Their spirits are crushed with nothing to hold
You're all just sheep herded into the fold
Lifeless lights looking for anything
Staring in their eyes saying,
"Tell me what to do, tell me what to think, tell me what to feel, tell
me anything"
We see the fear and we hear the screams
Watch the people falling down to their knees
Their all just hollow shells looking for a place to die
Getting sick from the permanent stench of decaying bones and rotting flesh
Degradation of the earth and the skies
Its all collapsing right before our eyes
Apocalypse is here at last
Track Name: Choosing Sides
This is it
I'm drawing a line in the sand
If you're in, you're in
If you're out, you're out
I'm tired of putting up with the shit you spout
You've been full of empty promises
And I've been filled with empty threats
But now mine are filled to the brim
And my stomach is full
From swallowing my pride
To all the fakers, the bullshit artists, and the fucking liars
I'm calling you out
I"m standing my ground
This ends here, this ends now
Everything you built up
And everything you worked for
Your precious image is shot
I'm burning it down and I'll piss on the ashes
Track Name: The Streets Bring Only Blank Stares
Cut the ties that bind my wrists together
'Cause you'll never have a fucking grip on me
Never know what I've seen
And you'll never fucking feel the same
Like a piece of broken glass
From the mirror of what once was but will never be
cracked from the hardened stare of jealousy
Its a mess that I refuse to clean
And it's a burden I refuse to bear
Because when each new day brings the hope
Of so many to its knees
I can stand back and watch
The city fucking burn
Lighting up the night
And scorching someone even as cold as you
Someday I'll look back on this with tired eyes
Remembering the bitterness and the pain
Released from every pore
Every scratch on the skin that I've endured
Is whats left of a battle that i fucking lost
But now i have ice in my veins
And a fire burning in my throat
Because feeling dead is what keeps me alive tonight