Amongst The Filth 7"

by Incendiary

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Eternal Hope Records


released July 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Incendiary New York, New York


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Track Name: Sinking
It's hard waking up when you'd rather be dead, each day I'm putting
out the fires inside my head. I'm sick and tired of being sick and
tired, no longer aware of my desires. The memories cut like a knife,
sinking in, rotting out. I'm standing on the deck of a sinking ship,
trying to remember where everything went. We have the past packed out
in bags and slung over our backs. We drag these memories like a
drifter along the road. Now I know what it's like to be your own worst
enemy. This has happened all before, and it'll happen once again, with
each new day spent
praying for the end.
Track Name: Angels With Filthy Souls
You've become what you said you hated and now you see why i'm so
frustrated. When empty words turn to hateful fists all i have left is
the "what now?" and the "what if?". You say more with a roll of the
eyes than any good screaming will do. You shit on everything about us
and all that we stand for, but behind your deceptive pride and your
confident stare is a two faced coward and a shell of a man. You and
your kind sit like rats in a cage trying to claw their way to the top.
Track Name: In Disgust We Trust
All these words fill my head and I struggle to spit them out, to put
the ink to the paper, but what's inside me doesn't always just come
down to poetry or prose.
It's the feeling inside of restless nights, of highway signs, of long
winding roads.
I'm struggling to make my point, to force it out, but there's a fire
inside me that still burns. With the frustration of my peers who see
how fucked up things are. How much garbage can we be fed before our
bodies reject it? How much time can we waste hoping we'll be accepted?
You fake your way through this fucking life. My teeth are clenched, my
heart is beating, and I'm screaming these words out of sheer
frustration with the people that walk this earth.